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Disc cases world record

Final field of the disc cases world record

Tim with his world record certificate

Update (05nd February 2017): Again, this record was broken. The most disc cases toppled in a domino fashion is now 11,127.

Update (22nd March 2016): Tonight, this world record was broken again with 10,266 disc cases and therefore isn't in my hands anymore.

On 12 September 2011, a lifelong dream of mine became true: an official world record for the Guinness book. 5,969 standard disc cases toppled in one chain raction and broke the existing record of 5,000, set up in Holland in the year 2008. Originally, I planned to set up 6,010 disc cases, but some of them broke during the transportation and in the end, I "only" set up 5,969.

Money for charity

I, an 18-year-old student, didn't really know what to do with 5,969 empty disc cases. That's why I sold them after the event to everybody who was interested. Afterwards, I donated the money I earned to "Ärzte ohne Grenzen", an international charity organisation that is worth supporting.

Buy disc cases

You are a little bit too late for that. The very last disc cases have already been sold. All in all, I was able to raise 763,00 EUR for charity and I'm really proud of it. Thank you to all the people who were willing to pay a little bit more money than demanded for "Ärzte ohne Grenzen".


Video: Falldown of the disc cases

Video: Trailer of the world record
Video: Show (everything before the falldown)

Press reports

Here are some reports and articles that appeared about my world record. Some of them were only online for some days and have been deleted again.

There also were some more radio reports, but I'm not allowed to post them here which is due to copyright regulations.


Of course I had to invent a plan saying where every disc case has to stand which was quite a lot of work. Now, I can show you this plan here so that you are able to see what I did during my time in the sports hall :-):

Der Masterplan für den CD-Hüllen Weltrekord

Originally, I also wanted to build a wall, but some tests showed that a toppling disc cases wall damages them too much. As I wanted to sell them again, broken disc cases are inacceptable. That's why I didn't build a wall which was better for the disc cases and for my nerves :-).


I really would like to say thank you to all the people that supported me with my world record attempt. Without you, the whole project wouldn't have been possible! In this list, you will only find the supporters who agreed to be mentioned on this page.

Thank you to:


Das Dientzenhofer-Gymnasium Bamberg The disc cases world record attempt took place at Dientzenhofer-Gymnasium Bamberg, the grammar school I have attended for 8 years. On 01/07/2011, I graduated there and got my Abitur certificate.

Feldkirchenstraße 20-22
96052 Bamberg

It is official

"The most disc cases toppled in a domino fashion is 5969, achieved by Tim Weißker (Germany) at Dientzenhofer-Gymnasium Bamberg, Germany, on 12 September 2011" - Guinness World Records

Video of the world record
Video of the show (with English subtitles)

Money for charity

All disc cases are sold out. The total amount of money raised for "Ärzte ohne Grenzen" is:

763,00 Euros

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