One tiny movement, one chain reaction


I bet almost everyone of you has already tried this out: instead of only putting dominoes on the table flatly, one can as well set them up vertically one by one. When then the first domino topples, a chain reaction develops and in the best case, all other set up dominoes do also topple.

This so called domino effect became famous on the TV show "Domino Day", which was broadcasted from 1998 to 2009. Every time, the team tried to break the world record for the longest domino chain ("Most dominoes toppled by a group"). Currently, this record is 4,491,863 pieces, set up at Domino Day 2009.

From the beginning on, I was also astonished by those dominoes and in 1999, I started my first experiments on the table of our living room. A bit later, I decided to upload the videos of my projects on the Internet and in 2005, I had the idea of creating a domino website, which was the first hobby website about this topic at that time. In the meantime, I have many like-minded people who have done the same. The highlights of my domino carreer are three official Guinness World Records in this field, the most disc cases toppled in a domino fashion (5,969, September 2011), the most mini dominoes toppled (1,585, May 2012) and together with Tobias Demuth the most dominoes toppled in a spiral (50,500, March 2013). I will also inform you about these records on this page.

This page is to be a general information source about the hobby and its oppurtunities. There are many other homepages searching for and listing current domino events, so listing them also here would be quite redundant. I, as a student of Computer Science and Media at Weimar, simply do not have the time and endurance to post all this stuff here regulary.

And now, I can only say: let's go! What are you waiting for? Have a lot of fun exploring the world of tiny colorful toppling dominoes.

Update (2015): Because of the many negative developments of YouTube, I decided not to produce videos anymore. Nevertheless, I will of course keep this website online as a knowledge base. Thank you for your intensive support over the years.

My latest videos

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BioDomino: The human visual system

Another video from the BioDomino series at Dientzenhofer-Gymnasium Bamberg. This time, 6,300 dominoes illustrate the human visual system from the light rays to the brain.


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Disc Cases Domino for Terra Xpress

Some Behind the Scenes footage from the set of Terra Xpress who published a short report about my domino hobby on August 10.


Did you know?

A single domino has the power to topple another domino which is exactly 1.5 times larger. So if you started a chain reaction with a domino of 1 cm and built on with dominoes that were always 1.5 times larger, already the 27th domino with 379 meters would be almost as large as the Empire State Building in New York.

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All my video about dominoes are published on my YouTube channel called "TimDomino".

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